Monday, June 13, 2011

Garden Art...concrete step stones

In The Garden by Peggy Collins was more than just a cute kids actually inspired me to decorate my garden!!!  There was a few pages that had the wee gardener walking in his garden on tiles of some sort...I instantly thought "What a great idea!".

I rolled the idea around in my brain for a few weeks, trying to figure out the cheapest way to pull this off...without spending a fortune at the Home Hardware store or Michael's Crafts.  So far the whole mess cost me a big $25.  THATS IT!!!

I bought a big bag of sand mix concrete for $20 and a $5 bag of jewels from a yard sale.  Everything else, we already owned...and was just taking up space anyway.

Below is a step by step illustration of how I created garden walkway stones, personalized for our family.

The concrete....enough for 50 stones!!!

the yard sale jewels

The largest springform from a set we never actually used for cooking

The spring form lined with a plastic bag and some plastic wrap to help the whole mess pop out easier 

Mixing bucket, water in a watering can and a fork for mixing out the lumps

took me a few tries to get the right mix of water to concrete, you're going for mud pie consistancy

Owen making sure nothing touches the wet concrete (sort of)

finished product - still drying

popped out of the form...looks pretty rock-like!

some hands fit better than others...tee hee
All in all this was a pretty fun craft.  It all went together pretty quick, it was the drying time that took forever.  When my mix was wetter, it took a full 24 hrs before I could pop it out of the springform.  The day I took these pics, it was sunny, hot and windy, so my rock popped out in under 12 hours....go figure.

Have fun with this!  Make a statement.  Or just be decorative.  I really liked that my son Owen wants our neighbour's son Andrew to have a rock in our garden.  In the end, this was kind of like a bonding experience too.   

my very first rock attempt...a little busy on the beads
 Send me your pics of how you like to make your garden showy!  I'd love to see everyone's take on personalizing your patch of earth.


  1. I love that I have a use now for my broken dishes : ) This is exactly how we made ours, some others i made in a pottery class - thos have all smashed, but my cement ones are awesome. Can;t wait to get out there again this year!