Monday, April 4, 2011

Potato Update! and introducing...Rhubarb!

So its been a few weeks since we started our potato experiment...and I thought it was time for an update.

check out those roots!
As you can see, the root systems have grown significantly and the potato sprouted a plant like appendage from the base of the plant!  I was under the impression the potato plant grew out of the top of the original potato....hmmm....the learning continues...

It seems as if spring just exploded here.  The slightly warmer days have made our grass mostly green.  The trees look like their buds are starting to get bigger.

In fact, one of the things that tell me that spring is officially here are the first signs of rhubarb!  We planted rhubarb on a dark side of our house...which hasn't served it well in the past.  Its biggest enemy is the dinosaur spiders that call that corner their home.  Doesn't seem to matter how many of their offspring i sweep away, those spiders refuse to give up that corner.  Eventually they desimate the poor rhubarb. 

Until that time, we do get a decent haul.  This will be the rhubarb's 3rd summer at our house. 

First peak at the rhubarb
Asparagus and rhubarb are two sure signs of owning property.  They take commintment and a lengthy stay to see them at  their glorious full potential.  We rented for so many years that those two plants are real symbols of "growing roots" in a home.  You could never grow those plants while living a transient or nomadic lifestyle.

There are many more to follow...but here is just a small sample of the variety of things you can do with rhubarb:

5 cups of cleaned, chopped rhubarb
1 big clean pot
a few table spoons of white sugar

heat rhubarb on stove with wooden spoon until mushy.  Add sugar and stir.  when rhubarb forms a runny paste...spoon over vanilla bean ice cream or soy alternative...


Enjoy every minute of the is full of life and growth. 

Revel in the newness of EVERYTHING!

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