Friday, January 21, 2011

The Contest Arrives!

If you've been reading my blog entries, you may already know about my love for the Mathers and this amazing gardening book.  I really can't say enough about this book.  So that's why I'm giving my readers a chance to win a copy of their very own!!! 

I had struggled in the past to find a complete gardening book that addressed a few things that I consider relevant.  For example, gardening in MY zone...not how to grow ornamental grasses in Victoria BC.  Also, I had difficulties finding a gardening book that didn't speak in scientific terms rather than plain old english.  If you are a novice gardener or if you consider yourself an expert...this book can still shed some light on things.

It features:  how to capture rain water and use it in your garden efficiently, a little history and how-to on root cellars or storing food without using ANY hydro electricity, it discusses gardening in an urban environment as well as living off the grid in the country, how to read a seed catalogue, it offers a variety of vegetables that can be grown right here in Ontario, and a lot of humour along the way.

The best part about this book is that Cam and Michelle Mather have been there and done that.  Whatever the issue may be, they have the experience and expertise to back up their information.  If they don't know about it, they probably have a neighbour who does!  They really do revel in the community aspects of gardening, sharing your information and your crops.  They even include some recipes!

So here's the order to win your very own copy of this amazing gardening book...all you have to do is answer the following question in the comments section of this post.  I will contact you about your mailing information if you are the lucky winner!

"What is your funniest gardening story?"

It could be something that happened whilst gardening, something unexpected that happened with a crop, something you learned and made you laugh.  Use your imagination and it just may pay off!

Winner to be posted by February 4th, 2011


  1. Well Lisa, I will disqualify myself from winning (since I helped Cam to write the book!) but I thought I'd start things off with a funny story.
    I planted some morning glory seeds and needed to find something for them to climb. I walked into the woods and found a small dead tree. I stuck it into the flower garden and planted the morning glory seeds at the base of it.
    My 10 year old daughter happened to walk by just as I was watering the newly planted seeds.
    She said "You know Mommy, you're a good gardener but even YOU can't bring that dead tree back to life!"

  2. Well Lisa,
    This is a story from when we lived in an apartment. We bought a Norfolk pine for our Christmas tree one year and we decorated it and enjoyed it for the holidays then left in indoors for a while, but for some reason we were short space so I put it outside in the middle of winter. (I think this logic came from growing up in Alberta with all those hearty spruce and pine) But weeks later I decided to move it back indoors and to our surprise all the needles fell off, aparently they were frozen!

  3. I think it is the deer leaping over the 2' veggie garden fence at our new house.
    What were the previous owners thinking? I'm going to have to rethink my new gardening habits. They reach up and nibble the green bean runners. Wander through my ornamental gardens.

  4. thats too funny Jenn! they must think you've etched out this little paradise just for them!

  5. Its my readers lucky day! I just happen to have TWO copies of this fantastic gardening book...
    So Jenn and Teresa are both winners!!!

    Please send me your email we can exchange mailing info.

    Thanks again for participating in this contest and my blog!