Monday, October 18, 2010

In The Beginning...

So this is my very first blog entry...prepare to be amazed!
Ok, well not amazed...but quite possibly amused!

I have never blogged about anything in my life...but as my facebook gardening album will attest...I am a rambler.

ESPECIALLY about gardening!

I love gardening.  It has a zen quality about it.  I can even forget that my sons are having a waterfight within feet of my garden, if I'm deep in a weeding trance.

I have loved growing things since my early 20's...but now that I am married, with two sons and all the trappings of adulthood (mortgage and debt), I find gardening less of a hobby and more of a necessity.

My youngest son Owen eats tomatoes like apples...he loves tomatoes so much I'd swear he's about 95% lycopene and he's only 3 yrs old.  At one point I was spending, on average, $5-7 dollars a week...just on TOMATOES!  Mind you, thats winter-in-Canada prices...for the prized fruit of some other country.

In this day and age, I'm surprised I don't find more people who garden...but times being what they are...and peoples schedules being what they are...I can see why gardening is just another thing that needs to fit into your life.

Personally, I find that gardening IS life.  Its live or die attitude is a lot like life.  You can work your hardest and take all the time and care in the world...and your garden (like life) will turn out how it likes...rather than how you planned it.

So thats my bit for my first entry.

Stay tuned...we're busy prepping our garden for the winter time...


  1. See my friend, first you need the mortgage, so you can have the garden in which to grow the bounty.... sigh. But I do love living my life vicariously through your gardening, till I can afford my own :)

  2. Love it hope it follows with all your yummy recipes!

  3. Hey Mona! i gardened even when we just have to be willing to shell out more on rent for a place with a bit o green grass (then ask the homeowner if its ok to dig up that grass). well hey, its less to mow anyway...haha
    One of the few places we grew cukes successfully was in our second to last rental...

  4. True that, but to rent a house here is about twice the price as an apt (cuz then you have to pay your own utilities too.)
    Less to mow can be a great great thing :)